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Friday, June 04, 2010

Punk Rock Werewolves, Naked Dancing Ladies, and Victorian Gentlemen...

In this edition of Jewlee's Doodle Blog, hapless wenches get their come-uppin's from punk rock monsters!

Hello, beautifuls! Here's a few quick and nasty doodles from the past month or so. Costume business and school keeps me pretty dang busy but I still have my soft spot for the loose 'n crude charm of sketchbook love-making.
First, I'll start off with some Victorian Gentlemen (referenced from real fashion magazine illustrations from the 1800's!). Remember, pics enlarge when clicked.

Next up, a quick bit of recent fan-art for 'Hit-Girl', a character from the comic book/movie Kick-Ass.
I'll close with numerous random sketches and lots of naked dancing ladies.

Until next time,