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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sketch dump! Nov. '07 - Feb. '08

The New York Dolls circa 1975 or so!
Why, hello there folks! Here's some sketches and doodles ranging from November of 2007 to February of this year. Enjoy some angry scribbles about inbred suburban rich kids, some cutesy doodles of me and my bald boyfriend, and some character studies!Just a little bit of venting about the shallow suburban idiots that go to my college.
Some scribbles of my comic characters.
Lovey-dovey doodles, featuring my whippet Boomer!
This was supposed to be used for a book cover, but was scrapped. I like his expression!

Drawn during last year's X-Mas, when Rob and myself were stuck in Kansas City in 25 degree weather!

Yeah, I do a lot of "making fun" of people, don't I?

When I was in third grade I made up these ridiculous anthropomorphic superhero characters. One was a rat with horns, and his girlfriend was a bunny with lots of ears. I think they were mutants or something! Haha. Here's the updated versions.

That's all for now, folks!


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Mrs. Polly said...

Superhero Horned Rats! Love them. Love the coffee shop waitress. Love the positioning of the word balloons in your strip---waiting eagerly for the words. Boomer's portrait reminds me of my dog, Mr. Dog, who expressed contentment by passing gas. Boomer's obviously a happy dog.
I really like your work.

At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Solace said...

Thanks for writing this.


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