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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My long lost viewers...

Okay, so I've been a baaad baaad blogger. I know I haven't touched this thing in ages, but fear not, loyal compadres! I have much art to share. I've even reduxed some of my old comic characters! Enjoy! (Remember, you can click the images to make them bigger!)

P.S.: I like to paint naked ladies! (See Below)
First off, some random scribbles...

(These Booji Boy heads are sketches for a tattoo I'd like to get. It's still in the creative process.)

(Failed Self-Portaits... I promise you, I'm not this ugly.)

Now, the good stuff. As you know, I've been working on a comic for quite a while now. Although there hasn't been as much progress as I'd like there to have been (it's not even half way finished), I have been very busy drawing character sheets.
Here's some of the cast... from left to right: Gwen, the comic store cashier, Rick, the disgruntled nerd, and Billy, the sleazeball... to the far right are some character sketches of Billy.

This is a small portion of the beginning of the comic. I haven't even added the dialogue yet!


Some of you may remember a very badly-drawn webcomic that I kept frequently updated from the years of 2001-2003. The comic was called "Plug Puppies" and it was my main staple of self-entertainment during my time in high school. Looking back at it now, it was pretty terrible.
I decided to give re-drawing the characters a go, so here you go... these aren't all of the characters, but I got as far as this before my hand started to cramp up! :\


And thus concludes today's art dump! I hope you've enjoyed yourself, kiddos. I'm going to go drink some wine and take a nap.